About Us

Pacific Nuclear Medicine is located at Lion's Gate Hospital. in North Vancouver.  It offers medical expertise in the practice of Nuclear Medicine, in such areas as Brain SPECT, Y-90 therapies for rheumatoid arthritis, radio-iodine labeling of novel research agents, including I-124, and new applications of SPECT in medicine., 

Lion's Gate Hospital Nuclear Medicine Department is situated under the soaring majestic peaks of The Lions, a pair of mountain-tops which resemble a pair of regal seated lions, on Vancouver's beautiful North Shore. The department includes a two GE Optima SPECT-CT 4 slice and an Eclipse Picker Prism Brain SPECT. The department also has a Hologic Bone Density System for osteoporosis diagnosis and research into new treatments of osteoorosis.. 

The Department was started by the late Dr. Bruno Schober, former Dean of Medicine of Palacky University,  Olomouc Czechoslavkia. It is currently under the medical supervision of Philip Cohen MD FRCP(C). It is dedicated  to bringing exemplary and state-of-the-art Nuclear Medicine technology to  the people of the North Shore, including the world-reknowned skiing community of Whistler, B.C.

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